For many years two of my passions have been riding motorcycles and taking pictures.  Several years ago I started writing some stories about my personal experiences and illustrating them with photos I had taken.  A few of these were submitted to Wing World Magazine.

After publishing the second story, the then magazine editor, Sharon Stanley, received approval to add me to their staff as a “Contributing Writer”.  Not long after that I started to get assignments from Sharon to evaluate new products and submit reviews for publication.

Over time I plan to display those articles along with all of my future published writings here. 


Future “long-term” product evaluations will be covered & updated.  My BLOG is the sidebar to the right.

I am a life member in the Gold Wing Road Riders Association as well as the American Motorcyclist Association and a member of the Iron Butt Association.


The information contained on these pages is not to be copied, altered or re-posted without my permission.  Feel free to post links to these pages and use the “Follow” button to the right to be automatically notified any time this Website is updated.

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