My Writings & Published Articles

IMGP1648My personal attempt at HID headlights.  January, 2009.


$_57[1]Time for an aftermarket seat. April, 2010.


seatRussell Cycle Products “Day Long” seat evaluation. November, 2010.


$_12[1]Heading home from vacation, broken throttle cable. November, 2010.

(One paragraph was edited and the article published without my knowledge.  The original paragraph appears here):

At this point I had come to the “business end” of the throttle cables.  The factory service manual is woefully lacking on information concerning the whole system, what lay before me included a rounded box that houses a cruise control disable switch that kicks in if you twist the throttle backwards when the cruise is active.  Rude awakening time…THERE IS NO WAY TO USE THE RETURN CABLE AS A PULL CABLE!!!  It was then that I discovered something very unexpected, a mechanical idle speed adjustment.  I increased the idle to 2500 RPM and “slapped” the bike back together throwing some of it in the trailer.  With this increase in the idle speed I figured we could shift through the gears and get the speed of our Wing up to the minimum needed to accelerate with the cruise control.


IMGP3095Upgrading the high beams to HIDs. January, 2011.


They made a writer out of me! June, 2011.


visorAn auto-dimming face shield insert. October, 2011.


IMGP3728aProper attire, Defender motorcycle jeans. January, 2012.


Traxx-Rite GL18 Trike Triple Clamp Set, 4.5 Degree RakeProduct review updates and future articles. January, 2013


imgp0128-copy-800x464Better protection from wind and rain. June, 2013.


Light up those wheels! August, 2013.


DSC01319Upgrading the entire suspension. October, 2013.

Note:  I commented about how these upgrades did not help reduce the impact Lyn feels in her back when we hit bumps.  Some readers mistakenly took this as a negative which was never intended.  The real issue is with her back not the bike or suspension.  If we were to buy a new Wing, without hesitation, both of us would want the entire Traxxion package installed on it!

My resignation.   Shortly after the Traxxion Dynamics review was submitted I resigned from Wing World Magazine for personal reasons.

Time to return, March 2015.  I have decided it is time to open discussions with GWRRA & Wing World Magazine about my submitting articles once again.

First new submission, April 2015.  I have submitted the second “Reports Past & Future”.  My plan is to review my reports annually going forward.  This includes the next product review, a Shorai Lithium-Ion battery will be tested in our Wing.

Product Reviews, Past And Future.  August, 2015 Wing World Magazine

 Coming up in a future issue: Handlebars, do yours fit your body?  HELI BARS For The GL1800!

SHORAI BATTERY  July, 2015 Wing World Magazine


13 August, 2015_Product Reviews Past And Future



Heli-Bars, The Results Are In!  November, 2015 Wing World Magazine


Have you finished your Holiday Shopping yet? This may help! December 2015 Wing World Magazine.                        2015 Gift Guide



imgp0134-copyVolomod, and Rear LED Lighting From SoCalMotoGear Tested


What changes have you made to your ride?     How advanced is your Wing?


Improving Your Visibility, Front & Rear


lighting-your-way  LED Headlights from The Electrical Connection and LED Highbeams from SoCalMotoGear


Compact Ride In-Ride Out Motorcycle Storage Shed.   20_october2016_bik  For more information on how the shed was built can be found here.


imgp1767-copyTechmounts, a great way to mount your gadgets!


imgp1681-copyMaking It Through The Rain, Road Dog Wiper , December,




How to store your trailer in less space.



Bushtec Trailer Stand, Wing World Magazine, December 2017



One thought on “My Writings & Published Articles

  1. About Shorai Lithium-ion battery , been there done that, never again.
    I have had two battery in two years, bad expirience , never again, the techology dont work on my HD.
    In bought cases the battery was unable to keep the amps, Even tho the battery was fullt charged and was out of my bike and with nothing hooked on it so there was nothing that could use amps, after two days on the bench in my workshop the battery was empty.
    All of my best to those who get this battery to work, it didnt for me.
    And YES i did use correct batterycharger


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